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Cupcakes from Washington DC bakery, Robin's Sweet Revenge.

About Robin Clarke

Owner, Baker, and Personal Chef

It all began one Sunday after church in Aunt Clara's kitchen....

At the age of 3 years old, I went to my Aunt Clara's house on the weekends. We would come home from church and make biscuits. During the summers spent with my granny and Aunt Betty, I would often watch them prepare different culinary dishes and on occasion lend a helping hand.


As I grew older, my love for delicious wholesome foods increased. Then, shortly after I got married, I watched a cousin plan a wedding for a budget conscious couple who was having difficulty finding a caterer in their price range. At that point, I suggested that we cater the event and that is how I started in the catering business.  


Over the years I have worked with that cousin as a caterer and learned as much as possible from her about the business. However, my interest turned to baking once I had my twins. As I ordered cakes for their birthday parties, I realized that this is something that I could and wanted to learn how to do. So, I enrolled in a Wilton's cake decorating class and later attended L'Academie Cuisine and from there Robin's Sweet Revenge, LLC was born.


I am a wife, mother and a longtime lover of food.  My greatest joy is cooking for other people, it warms my heart to see my customers enjoy tasty and delicious food that please the palate.


I am very health conscious so I am always looking for healthy ways to prepare tasty food, always using the freshest locally grown ingredients as possible. I am very passionate about making sure that my customers are kept happy and satisfied with what I prepare. Recently I have begun to focus on cooking for seniors. It gives me so much joy to know that they will be able to enjoy healthy, wholesome and flavorful meals because of my culinary gifts.

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